How Bad Does it Have to Hurt Before Taking a Painkiller?

There are few things worse than suffering from major pain. The most common causes of moderate to severe types of pain are illnesses, chronic illness, injury, and surgery. The body experiences pain because it is trying to find a way to cope with the injury. As your body goes through this coping experience, you can easily be inconvenienced. Moderate to severe types of pain prevents you from working, spending time with your family, and partaking in activities that you enjoy. One popular solution is to try a painkiller. But, one of the main questions that most people have is just how hurt do you need to be before taking one?

Mild Pain

There are three types of pain – mild, moderate, and severe. Out of the three types of pain, the instance where a pain killer is not necessary is when you are experiencing mild pain. Mild pain can be described as a slight throbbing, hurt, and discomfort at different points at your body. Most people prefer taking over-the-counter drugs for their mild pain. While these drugs are certainly effective for mild pain, they certainly are not very effective otherwise.

Moderate and Severe Pain


The next types of pain are moderate and severe pain. These types of pains arise out of surgery, illness, or chronic illness. With these types of pain, over-the-counter pain medications are extremely ineffective because the level of pain is far too great. On the other hand, prescription pain medication is highly effective. When you take pain medication, the main medication targets the receptor cells in your body that are responsible for feelings of pain. These receptor cells are located in your spinal cord and brain. Once the drug reaches the receptor cells, it subdues feelings of pain within the body.

The benefit of using pain medication is that the relief is prolonged. Unlike over-the-counter pain medication, prescription pain medication is able to prevent feelings of pain for hours on end. The long lasting relief is one of the key ways for you to get your life back on track. In addition, when you take prescription pills, you can also gain advice from your medical professional. Your medical professional is able to monitor your health and check for any issues that may arise. Just keep in mind that when you do take prescription pain medication, you should only take the dosage you need.

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